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I hate doing this that’s why it took me this long but more & more seeing shady ppl trying to sell - I love this forum so I gotta keep it honest:

User Name: “Golgo013” in San Fran Area cell # 1(415)741-9756

Was first to respond via PM & reply on listing, and he agreed to sell me his Desert Eagle .357 for 1K. Arranged to meet him roughly 4 days later at City Arms on a Saturday, at his local gun shop a few hrs away from me (refused to meet me even part way, which is fine..). Next afternoon he started being rude over text, sending me screen shots if PM’s from other users offering a hundred bucks more than our agreed sale price (his asking price was 1K, which I accepted without haggling). At one point, called me ‘lucky’ to be getting it. He then became evasive and short via text when I was trying to follow up on details & confirm included items he said he had but ‘had to look for..’.

Long story short, less than 24 hrs before we were to meet, he said he was no longer selling it, taking off market.

I knew what he was up to so I kept tabs on his posts. Later that evening, low & behold he relisted the same gun for $1450. Took me a while, but I ended up leaving him negative feedback.

Thank you, CalGuns Community..! This individual was my first bad experience - EVERY other buy/sell has been with people I find extremely pleasant, down to earth, competent & men of their word! Cheers..!
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