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OK, so this was a humbling experience . . .
Wouldn't you know, the day that I have available to go to the range is the day a high pressure area decides to blow in. Even at 9 in the morning, the range flag was standing straight out cross-range some of the time, hanging straight down some of the time, sometimes the wind was coming straight at me, sometimes the 50 yd flag was blowing one way and the 100 yd flag blowing the other - you get the picture. Usually it is nice and calm up there (Escondido Fish & Game) in the morning, or even all day, but not this time! I gave up waiting for lulls in the wind to make some of my shots - I could have been there all day. So, with two rifles that will both do dime-size groups at 50 yds under good conditions, for the match I was all over the place.

That said, it was still a blast! So much different shooting for score instead of just for practice. Thanks for the match.

Here are my (loser) results:

1. .22LR Wolf Match Target from a CZ 452 Classic with Simmons 6.5-20X44 scope, Timney trigger (my silhouette rifle), resting on sandbags Score: 39
Note 2 shots in one hole in inside ring of #3 - yes, it really did happen.

2. .17HM2 Hornady from a CZ 452 American with Simmons 6.5-20X44 scope, resting on sandbags Score: 33 (wind worse by now)

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