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Default October Rimfire Match

Ok September participation was dismal!! Only 4 targets were posted!


2 high scores of 247/250
22popnsplat, TC writer

next highest 243/250
22popnsplat, and ego 08

Thanx to you 3 for posting the only 4 targets for the month!!!

Since it is October, how about some Rimfire Baseball

print this target:

iron sights/red dots from 25 yds
scopes from 50 yds
Any position

shoot at slices 1 through 9 only
shoot only 3 shots per slice

outer slice = 1 run
inner slice = 2 runs
final shot at bull = 5 runs

-take only 3 shots at each numbered slice (1 through 9)
-first shot of each number slice must be made at the outer slice (the part with the number in it)
-if first shot is a hit... you may then take a second and third shot at the inner slice of the same number
- if the first shot is a must try to shoot the outside slice again on your second shot
-you may not shoot at the inner slice unless you hit the outer slice on shots one or two
-if first 2 shots miss, you must shoot final shot at the outer slice

Bonus After shooting your 27 shots take one shot at the center circle
Tally up your runs
Add 5 runs to your tally for a center circle hit.

Top Score = 50 runs

Post your targets and info

Hope this makes sense!

Good Luck and have fun!
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