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My son an I bought a Remington 700 Long Range in 30-06 a few years ago. Getting it to be accurate has been a challenge. Used several different factory ammo including match and couldn't get better than 1.5 to 3 MOA. Replace trigger with Timney. That helped a little, but seemed like there was a delay between pulling trigger and firing. Took bolt apart, cleaned out gunk, new lube and heavier spring. Helped a little but still not great. Went to reloading bench and loaded many different recipes. That helped a little. Then found the chamber is a little long. So this thing like a heavy bullet (208 to 220 gr) and likes to be loaded long at something like +0.01. Still working on velocity, but middle of the road seems to work. My son then put 4 holes touching. I think the rifle is capable, but a lot of work and disappointing out of the box.
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