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Originally Posted by dangerranger View Post
The speed it sold at is a measure of its popularity! I have a couple of them. Had I seen this faster Id have bought yours too. As a squirrel gun they are hard to beat. They are 2/3 the performance of the 17HMR at 1/3 the price per shot! I have a few cases of ammo put aside for when ammo is hard to find, So that's not an issue. As far as accuracy issues, Mine are far more accurate than I ever will be! The 17M2 is much faster and has a much flatter trajectory, this makes it a much easier round to shoot ground squirrels with. with out any sight changes I can shoot out to 125 yards and still be minuet of squirrel!
The post above is right its a niche round but as a squirrel round its hard to beat! DR
As far as setting cases aside, you should check your ammo. I have read a few threads on 17HM2 ammo having split necks while in storage. The best guess on the issue, has to do with necks not being annealed after case forming and then necks splitting due to tension from bullet. You can read more info on rimfirecentral forums.
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