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Originally Posted by cindynles View Post
My good cause was vetted by some of the "right people" here prior to submitting it. I did my homework and I know that permits were issued to some with a very, very similar good cause to what I put on my application.

I believe that my "problem" was that I would not fill out and submit the additional (illegal) application form, the one that has questions like "Are there other crimes you have committed, for which you have not been caught?", "When was the last time you lost control of your temper?", or "Is there anything in your background that you are trying to conceal?"
My apologies. I didn't realize you had been "vetted" and done your homework prior to submitting. I just couldn't imagine that protection from wild animals would be seen by the SO as a positive reason to issue. If others have in fact been issued for that reason, then I am wrong.

I did fill out the additional application form, as I would rather be issued and let others fight for the illegality of the form. None of the questions asked in that form were offensive to me. If your intention was to fight the use of that form, then I commend you.

Personally, I would have liked to see you appeal your case.
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