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Originally Posted by cindynles View Post
You can try. It didn't work so well for me........
Yeah, but you knew your GC was a gamble going in, remember? Were you truly trying to get a permit, or were you testing for passable GC? I know my words are harsh, but your GC was pretty lousy, IMO. I do believe everyone should have the right to carry, but the game is what it is for now. You have to play by the rules if you expect to get anywhere.

Originally Posted by mtsul View Post
Is it time to apply for riverside? If it is can we use personal protection as good cause?
Yes, it is a very good time for Riverside County. No, you cannot just write "personal protection" for your GC. You need to articulate what you are protecting yourself from, and what makes you at greater risk than the average person.

However, I see your location says you are only in Riverside "sometimes". You have to apply where you mainly reside.
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