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I am working on filling in CCW application form and will submit to Riverside Sherriff when ready. I spoke with Sgt John Whiting in legal/administration department and was told that the penal code 12051(a)(3)(c) was interpreted allowing Dept to request 3 personal references. They are still requesting for 3 personal references which I consider an illegal requirement under 12051(a)(3)(c) of the California Penal Code.

12051(a)(3)(C) of the California Penal Code states, "An applicant shall not be required to complete any additional application or form for a license, or to provide any information other than that necessary to complete the standard application form described in subparagraph (A), except to clarify or interpret information provided by the applicant on the standard application form
It is pretty clear to me as an ordinary person they are not allowed to request other additional documentation.
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