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Originally Posted by CrazyCobraManTim View Post
Buckshot - Virtually every SMR unit has a TDA line / slot for nurse / EMT / Combat Life Saver (CLS). In Recruiting we use the nurses as part of the health screening during our mini MEPS Orientations. Heck - my CO is a retired Army nurse corps officer. Disaster response is part of our mission, and we are working to get all soldiers and airmen Military Emergency Management System (MEMS) certified (think FEMA or CERT), and now there is a push for CLS too. People with medical training are in HIGH demand.

@ Wicked - over half our mission is training or assisting the NG for their mission, the remainder is coordinating with local, county and state agencies for natural or man made disasters. There's lots to do and when it comes, I fear it will make Katrina or Sandy look like a picnic in the park.

Snickering at Yenhan...I was in the same boat trying to figure out the Nasty Girl thing....until I read all of your post, saw the armory mention (duh - NG) and put 2+2 together. Thanks for your service sister!

Merry Christmas!
Good to know, thanks for the info!
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