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Originally Posted by Joe226 View Post
ar15Barrels I have been debating on whether to get the Frankford Arsenal case tumbler or the RCBS. Have you owned either of the two? Not taking the price into consideration which one would you recommend and why? I have the same questions about the Redding dies compared to RCBS's high end dies or any other brands. I would really appreciate your input.
Thanks, Joe
Midway used to sell their own branded tumbler that was made by the same maker as the whole frankford arsenal brand.
I had two of those old tumblers and I worked the piss out of them.
There were times that I left them on for 2 weeks or more at a time and they just kept going and going.
The only things that ever happened were the wires breaking off right at the motor which stopped the motor until you re-do the connection.
I also burned out a couple motors which midway always replaced under warranty.
I have never used an RCBS tumbler.

The fit and finish of the redding benchrest dies is above all other mass produced 7/8-14 threaded dies on the market.
Nobody else even comes close until you start buying custom dies from small makers.
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