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Originally Posted by rdfact View Post
BigJ, does the CMP class recommend any significantly different lubrication procedure than this Garand Gear article?
This is a controversial topic. It seems everyone and their grandmother has a different method to lube up their Garands. The guys stressed that there really isn't a wrong way to lube an M1 *EXCEPT* if that lube is applied in excess. See after the pics for more on that.

I've read thru that link now and Garand Gear's recommendations are far more thorough than what we were shown in class, and by extension how the CMP lubes all their rifles.

Here are a few pics of the CMP's owner's manual that comes with the Garand, as well as a few slides shown during class. This should give a good ideas as to what we covered.

In general, they showed us a few areas that need grease, and that was it. The addition of any oil was suggested more as a preservative for the metal, and not necessarily as a lube.

Regarding my excess comment above: Something they drilled in our heads over and over again (that seems to be echoed by the GarandGear link) is that less is more. They see lots of guns with way too much lube, and the problem is when you have too much it doesn't stay put. It always migrates/gets thrown into areas you definitely don't want any lube at all (for example on the hammer lugs, or seer, or trigger). They showed an example where too much lube is thought to have been a contributing factor to an out of battery detonation that destroyed the rifle (the gun's owner was ok, thankfully).

Hope that helps.
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