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Here's just one example of the type of instruction we received on how/why to pick parts. Take a look at these two triggers:

Notice how the one on the top's pin hole is cut lower, and has more material all the way around the hole? This is a desirable thing for the match shooter as it helps result in a smoother more consistent trigger pull. On the other hand, the one on the bottom has the potential to be more collectible as it comes from a particular manufacturer and era. We were constantly presented with that kind of information as we made our choices and picked each part for our build.

Next up was trigger group assembly

As indicated by the slide, this turned out to the be the rhythm of the class; we’d be invited to pick particular parts, we’d study them looking for issues or desirable traits, we’d learn the theory behind the ‘why’ of the design, we’d then review slides and often a video showing how they’re assembled or worked, and then we’d set to work implementing what we’d just learned under the watchful eye and often very helpful tutelage of the instructors. I really enjoyed and appreciated this format and pace, as I never felt overwhelmed by too much information at once, or bored by too little progress between steps.

Once the trigger group was assembled, we moved on to the rear sight. I thought this was part particularly neat, as we were given the opportunity to first install a lock bar type before installing the sights we were to keep, simply for the experience of it. Again, we were shown why the improved sight was a superior design via hands on experience with the lock bar older design, all the while practicing the install and adjustment of each.

Next up, the gas lock. And as simple as it might seem, this part proved a little tricky for me. Ideally, you’re able to find a lock that times correctly to your barrel, thereby ensuring a nice tight fit and solidifying your gas cylinder barrel and lock into one. However finding one that fit my specific barrel proved difficult. John and Chris stood by with the tools needed to make any one work, but fortunately after trying a dozen or two, I found one that didn’t require any reworking.

Here’s a couple shots of one of several that didn’t time correctly.

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