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After the tour, Deshay had deli sandwiches waiting for us and we grabbed a quick bite as we prepared for the next phase; mating the barrel to the receiver:

Now it was time to cut the chamber; these barrels being new need fitting, and so we *very carefully* used our reamers to cut our chambers to our preference. I cut mine small (tight on the go gauge) since I plan to run hand loads and match ammo. Several folks opted to cut theirs a little looser, and allow for shooting milsurp ammo more reliably. In both cases, John Chris and Ryan (an Armorer and instructor in training) were looking over our shoulder watching advising and helping to ensure we ended up with a perfect cut. At no time during any of these three days were we left on our own, something I appreciated very, very much.

By now it was growing late in the day, and so we finished up by picking and installing barrel bands, and picking and measuring op rods.

This shows my op rod on a tool that is used to measure the shape of the rod. With it you can check pad location, x-axis, y-axis and z-axis bends; stuff you just cant see with the naked eye. I asked about that tool, and was told it runs "several thousand dollars", so I figured I'd take a couple pics to remember it by, since this is probably the last time I'll ever see one in person ;D

Once we were satisfied with our choices, it was time to call it a day. It was now approximately 6pm, and given the day's events, I was ready for bed!

Thursday, Day Two:

At 8am sharp we were once again off picking our parts. This time, we were presented with 20 or so bins of parts to choose from. Trigger pins, trigger assemblies, hammer spring housings, hammer springs, hammer spring plungers, hammer pins, hammers, safeties, trigger guards (both stamped and milled), clip ejector springs, trigger housings, follower pins, bullet guides, follower arms, op rod catch assemblies, op rod springs, followers, elevation pinions, windage knobs. Yeah, there are worse ways to start off a day!

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