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We also got to visit their Air Rifle range; this is the most advanced range of its kind in the country, and is where the Olympic trials were held last go around. The tech they've utilized here is amazing, and not only makes for a fantastic shooter's experience, but also an interesting and exciting spectator one too.

Here's a shot I just had to grab for the reloaders among us. Yes please!

And here's one for the collectors; Winchesters... nothing but Winchesters...

Speaking of Winchester, during the tour, we ran across the gentleman responsible for pulling the "very special" examples from the production line for auction. He had just found a completely original Winchester from WWII. It was never arsenal reworked or rebuilt, no parts replaced, never refinished, and never messed with in any way since it was put into storage. You could still see actual dirt on the stock (not grease but actual soil), and stains on the sling. We were seeing this gun in the exact same condition as the solider who carried it in war last saw it. It was a pretty powerful moment, and we all took a breath to reflect. If only that gun could talk...

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