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After (black marker used to show where contact was being made; this was called "90% or so" by Chris; 80% is the target they shoot for in the Custom Shop when they perform this job)

This process involved a special tool that applies pressure to the bolt face, pushing the bolt lugs into the slots on the receiver, lots of lapping compound and some elbow grease. Some folks lapped theirs within a handful of strokes, and some like me ended up having to work at it for about a half hour. In both cases, we were constantly observed and offered all the help we might want. Eventually I got the nod of approval from Chris, the Custom Shop's head gunsmith, and it was time to put the tools down and take a break as we toured the CMP facility.

Or I should say, facilities. The CMP Anniston is HUGE!

It spans what I would call three different campuses, each with several buildings on the grounds. We needed to pile into our cars just to see it all. And what we saw literally left me speechless; building after building full of crates of guns at various stages of process. Everything from stacked ceiling high unopened crates,

(For a little perspective, each one of those crates holds 100 as yet unprocessed M1s.)

To complete and graded examples

And everything in between

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