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Doubt it now that even the foothills and above are overrun with development.

Flood control basins are generally the only available spots in urbanized areas, but Santa Ana Canyon is too narrow, too dense, and with sightlines into wealthy areas.
The problem with the foothills and canyon areas is the residents will complain about the noise.

Fish Canyon was shut down because of development on the other side of the river in Azusa Canyon, and those homes were built AFTER the range had existed for decades.
A NEW range in OC? Homeowners would have the advantage that they were there first (even if they just moved in).

Be happy that we still have Prado and Raahagues and don't have to drive to Burro, Angeles, Lytle Creek, or BLM.
- Rich

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A just government will not be overthrown by force or violence because the people have no incentive to overthrow a just government. If a small minority of people attempt such an insurrection to grab power and enslave the people, the RKBA of the whole is our insurance against their success.
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