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Originally Posted by Jicko View Post
Is this his regular "FTF PPT" schedule only? Or is he actually charging ONLY $10 if you have a piece of firearm sent to him for DROS? This is the CHEAPEST i have seen!!!!
No, I transfer new Internet or private party guns when I buy out of state from Jay's or Bud's. Jon is a genuinely nice guy who says, "I just want to sell guns." He is 90 minutes from my house, but I usually save up, buy 2 or 3 at once, and stop to hunt a few places either coming or going. I probably don't save too much with the price of gas over $3, but if you're paying $40 per like some folks, and Jon charges $10, do the math.

At one time I used Palmdale Pawn at $20 per + Dros - but last year they upped it to $40 + Dros.

Jon will put 4 long guns on a single form for $65. so if you time your purchases like I do, I save a lot and enjoy the trip. You'll find him listed at either GunBroker or GA, I forget which.

I went in to the Stockade, and they wanted $150 receiver fee + $25 + Dros so I believe I've managed to find both the best and worst price in Condorfornia.
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