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Originally Posted by NRai2001 View Post
High point pistols are garbage.. But the carbines are decent.. Like others have said with out the full auto mode the kriss looses most of its intended function
Lol, your ignorance is showing. Hi-Point pistols are just as good as their carbines. Just as ugly too, but just as good.
Originally Posted by JeremyS View Post
And menstrual cramps? Seriously, you [nrakid88] have complained about more things here than I think I have ever seen in a single thread ...air quality, noise, discomfort from glasses, "feminine attributes," and "macho masculinity," and sexism (there's an ironic disconnect here somewhere), compassion, grammar, people "tearing you down," your more-sensitive-than-normal ears, people who you perceive to be recoil-sensitive, how you "FEEL", liberals........ are you for real???
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