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Originally Posted by Brian1979 View Post
I dont dry fire and my breech face was starting to pit some months back. I just checked it again and its much worse. I am pretty pissed about this as I have just 15k rounds in this gun. I will be calling Glock next week to see what they have to say but according to some other local shooters they are calling it a problem from reloads which is BS. The only people that are going to see high round counts are reloaders and competitors.

It seems newer glocks quality has gone to crap. This gun is I think only 4 years old and is a g21sf.

Heres what it looks like right now. I cant help but to think about my nice quality 1911s in the safe or my HK that dont have serious issues like this.
This is exactly why I think it has nothing to do with dry firing and everything to do with metallurgy on late model Glocks. Striker push may have been the straw that broke the camels back in the previously posted images, but I seriously doubt it is the real culprit.
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