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Originally Posted by GeoffLinder View Post
The breech face on mine is over 20 years old and has at least 40k dry fires on it in addition to maybe 70-80k rounds through the gun. I know of many other shooters who have dry fired their Glock's as much or more. Never seen this before or heard of anyone having this problem before.

To my eye, that damage looks like case head pressure from firing has weakened the breech face and some other reason is the culprit here.

All semi-autos transfer the striker energy to the firing pin hole when dry fired, have as many dry fires on a couple 1911 style guns too, one with titanium firing pin.

Thanks for the concern, but I am not worried about this myself from practical experience and lack of other evidence.
Geoff, I had never heard of it either, nor seen it, until like I said, one of the locals had the failure in his G34. I don't have a picture, but it looked lilke a combination of the first pic and this one. This shooter probably had around 75K on the gun, and probably as many dry fires. I know it wasn't his loads, because he always chrono's just above minor.

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