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Originally Posted by wjc View Post
Get your hands on the Sunnyvale Planning Commission Study.

They proved that there is no correlation between gun shops and increases in crime.

This sounds suspiciously familiar. I bet 2 witnesses and LCAV are pushing the council on this.
You guys, this is boilerplate LCAV (now Legal Community to Prevent Gun Violence LCPGV) stuff. Everybody needs to know about them. They go to every city and county in CA and try to get them to enact restrictions on when and where people can set up FFLs. It's behind the scenes gun control. LCPGV's only goal is to make it procedurally difficult for people to own guns.

They are a harassment group. They have been poking the Sacramento City Council lately about this crap and I've been keeping an eye on the agendas. We need several people in EVERY CA city (and county board of sups) to keep an eye out for them. We've defeated them before and we need to be vigilant to stop them before they get anything done. County of Santa Cruz is a perfect example. Some of the sups may have been duped because they were unaware of who the LCPVG is. We need people to keep our elected officials informed on this crap.

LCPVG is outside special interest. Plain and simple - we need to shame our local legislators if they even think to bowing to outside special interest INSTEAD OF TRYING TO MANAGE THEIR OWN CITY/COUNTY. LCPVG tries to convince legislators that they have a problem. These laws NEVER COME FROM NATIVE RESIDENTS.

Stay informed people, we need everybody to defend against this constant assault.
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