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Originally Posted by scobun View Post
I have a high school student who has major family issues but is crazy smart and knows that the military will get her out of that mess ASAP. She knows she wants to work in the medical side of the military and is split between army and navy and active-duty or reserves. She also wants to know if ROTC is a valid option because she has the grades and the smarts, but no family structure to help her pay for college. She is an A student and does leadership activities.

I know that when I signed up for the Army Reserve, the Navy recruiter had a program called Seaman to Admiral for kids like this. That was back in 99. I ended up going the ROTC route after I had already started to attend college. Is it correct that she just applies to ROTC in addition to her college applications or after she has been accepted? What routes would you recommend for this kid? Thanks.
She should apply for ROTC and every other scholarship.

As for Army vs. Navy, I've been both. If she enlists it really depends on what she wants to do on the medical side. I've seen Army medics push a guy's eyeball back into his head and bandage him up in the middle of a fire fight and then get on a tank and back in the fight on an M240. Navy guys typically won't do this, and I don't know if they're allowing female Corpsman to serve with the Marines.

FWIW, my wife went to college on Academic scholarships and the Army paid for her medical school. At 26 she was a doctor with no student loans, but this is obviously a competitive road.

Originally Posted by CrazyCobraManTim View Post
Reserves won't get her out of her current situation at home, and will not provide enough cash for college, living expenses, etc. Better to go 6-8 years as medic or corpsman and get the full fledged GI bill to boot. If she's really gung-ho, then she can be recommended for OCS by her Command and save even more time / $$ / make more $$.
A 4 year degree is required for OCS.
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