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After some thought.. perhaps,
(other than all the new members MULTI-POSTING instead of BUMPING and posting separate listings for each item and/or both because they either don't care or didn't bother to read the rules!)

The problem that's bugged me the most, is when you "hover" over a marketplace post, you can see (sometimes) the location of the seller/item..

But doing a search of say "San Diego" might not turn up some of these same results..

As much as I loath the word "universal" these days.. I'd like to see a feature that requires an "area" (county or zip) to post in the market place and/or an advanced feature that allows you to search with in a radius..

Basically I'd like to do accurate "broad" search of my area first.. And not miss something because the info isn't specific.. As opposed to searching every individual thing I might be interested in and having to sift through posts in Sacramento etc..

Hope that makes sense!
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