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Originally Posted by Gryff View Post
Nearly all safety based DQs (including the OPs, as was my own) are due to carelessness. ....
Depends, stage design contributes to it as well. There have been several stages locally where going left to right (most right-handers would choose this stage plan) from every port one would see a single array of targets. However, going from right to left from the leftmost port (as a left-hander) I would see two arrays where the second array would cause one to break the 180. There needed to be another wall between the two arrays to prevent that. This particular match stage builders are either not thinking how a leftie would run the stage or too lazy to put that last wall/barrier or hate lefties and build a DQ trap for them .

As I said, I noticed this on this particular match on multiple occasions. For a newcomer where stage description says "shoot the targets as you see them" it would be a DQ trap for a leftie intentional or not.
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