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Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
I tried out a couple of different duty BUGs. I used an M&P 9mm compact for a while but it was way too big and bulky. Even with minimum lubrication it still collected tons of lint, not to mention oil that stained my A's.

I also tried a S&W 642. Obviously lighter and smaller, but it had a wretched DA pull and the factory boot grips were totally inadequate for comfort and managing recoil. Oh, and it had no real sights, just a notch to the rear and a fixed low profile blade in the front. Impossible to pick up a sight picture in anything other than bright daylight. I understand the rationale for low / no sight picture to avoid hanging up on the holster and the assumption that it will likely be used in a close range point and shoot engagement if ever needed. However, I still needed to meet Department qualifications and accuracy standards with it in order to carry it.

The last one was a Ruger LCR in .38 Spl, a drastic improvement over the 642 in every way. Ridiculously light, yet very easy to stage the smooth trigger for accurate shooting. The factory Big Dot front sight drastically improves the overall sight picture and I've never had any issues with it hanging up while drawing from a pocket holster. The well designed factory grips mitigate much of the recoil and make it almost pleasant to shoot. Almost.
The S&W 438 needed a dab of paint to pick up the front sight and a deburr job from a S&W armorer and it ran pretty well. I ended up switching to a Ruger LC9S in a support side pocket which has worked well, but I will pick up a G43 this summer. Ruger LCR has some nice upgrades to the Smith, but didn't point well for me.
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