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njineermike - I get it. We see things differently. No harm in that.

I have an obvious flaw in my point of view in that I lack direct evidence. But I've learned enough about the ancient world, mythology, story & such to know that themes and meanings are often presented indirectly. And that the intended meaning isn't always known by those who transmit the story. Often, the intended meanings are lost even if the stories endure. To me, this is fascinating. One culture starts the story and a different one picks it up, changes it and passes it on. A good example is the Ba'al/Yam battle I've mentioned before. The Canaanites started it. The author of Daniel changed it to their cultural beliefs & deities. Then John adapted it yet again in Revelation. Each had a message that had nothing to do with the details of the story. Each was trying to soothe the pains and ills of their people during difficult times.

Similar things happened with Job -- it's a tale much older than the historical man of Job could have been and was widespread among ancient Semitic cultures. I realize that this flies in the face of many folks' beliefs about the infallible word of God and the supremacy of Christianity. But I don't share that belief anyway.

Clearly, if I wanted to PROVE my thesis scientifically or something, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. You've got me there. But I'll also challenge the notion that an absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. Our scientific method and our rules of courtroom proof have little street cred in the interpretation of ancient mythology. It's a world of its own with its own rules and codes of conduct. I wouldn't rely on the Bible to PROVE that an event happened historically (some of the details are just flat wrong after all). But it's worth a look as a good starting point.

So if you're hoping to convince me that I'm wrong, it's going to take a different point of view than what you have since I don't hold the Bible to be the infallible word of God. I see it as a lot of valuable ancient wisdom with a ton of mystery and even some problems of its own. Near Eastern history, anthropology, archaeology, language, mythology, etc. are far more convincing to me than a collection of writings spanning 1300 years of massive changes in a country the size of New Jersey. When the all gel together, I'm inclined to pay attention. When they diverge, I remain skeptical of anything being definitive one way or another.

So I'm open to some challenges of the interpretation I've given -- I'm not married to it. But I also don't need to convince you I'm right either. Ultimately, I'm a man of action. Words, thoughts and beliefs, to me, are just the ways that we rationalize our behavior. And only what we do matters. If our words contradict our behavior, then our words are meaningless. So, since I do a little bit of farming and live a my life in the benefits of civilization, it's all just BS anyway -- mere thought experiments and nothing to get upset about one way or another. Again, just my 2-cents.
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