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Originally Posted by ProudConservativeinCA View Post
Alright Paladin, I acknowledge your analysis as being correct to the letter of law, I am only conveying that his position and CA law permittance of it, only serve to undermine the 2A and the intent of the law as applied by the several California County Sheriff who do consider SD to be adequate GC. That's all Im sayin. But I know you knew that already..
Sorry if my post came off with a snarky tone: none was intended. It's just that I've seen many good folk on CGN get snookered by anti CLEOs that way. Another way is when the CLEO says something like "I have to obey the courts and they say I have to require Good Cause. Next question...." Of course, they don't allow you to ask the next question which is, "Will you accept 'self defense' as sufficient Good Cause?"
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