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No further clarification is necessary, like I said, I/we will work with you to clarify the "good cause" needed with your application... I'm very supportive of CCW permits....
Originally Posted by ruel View Post
Just curious, if Melville plastered everywhere that he would generously dole out CCWs, he'd be hammered by the liberal left in San Mateo. They would use that against him and cost him the election. I'd rather read between the lines and if he does win the office, give him a chance to settle in.
I guess what I bolded above could be taken at face value and not just be telling a voter what they want to hear.

If you guys decide to support Melville, best to contact his campaign and fast to find out where they need help: money and manpower are key to winning political campaigns. Kids in MS/HS and college can help out (grunts doing grunt work enable generals to do what generals do). Kids might even be able to get class credit for it.

Post signs throughout the entire county (ocean side and bay side), north from SSF/DC down to Ath/MP/PV/Ws.

ID every gun shop, every shooting range, every IDPA club, every IPSC/USPSA club in the county. Make sure they're regularly stocked with Melville fliers/posters (after getting owner/head's approval).

Divide up the county and divide up the responsibilities. His campaign has probably done much of this, so just volunteer to join up with them and help out where they need it the most. You only have a few weeks left....

The key problem is everyone wants to get CCWs but they want someone else to do the work. Life doesn't work that way....

ETA: I just got this off of Melville's campaign's FAQs page. It was the first FAQ (emphasis in original):


Q: Where do you stand on CCW permitting and allowing California/SMC residents to exercise their second amendment right? Also where do you stand on the current laws prohibiting gun owners and gun stores to exercise their second amendment rights?
: Thank you for the question. I support the 2nd Amendment. What I don't like is the bad guys having bigger fire power than the good guys, me. So I do support the registration of assault-type weapons. As for CCW's, I am also a big supporter. As you are aware, all CCW's are for self defense. The application asks for a "Good Cause" reason to support said request. I can assure you my team will work with applicants to ensure a positive Good Cause reason is adopted to support the application. If an application is denied, the applicant will be given the reason why, no BS reason. This way, a denied applicant will have the opportunity to correct the deficiency and resubmit. Also, I believe gun owners and store owners should be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. I hope this answers your issues, Thanks for your support and vote!!
Here's some links to Melville's campaign.

Contact for Melville's campaign:

Donate to Melville's campaign:

Volunteer for Melville's campaign:
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