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Originally Posted by as_rocketman View Post
Lots of shooting may not help. Practice only makes perfect if you aren't reinforcing bad habits.

Best thing you can do is to STRETCH. Get your body used to getting up and down and getting into position. I find that stretching my neck is the most important of all.

The hardest mechanical thing is the Loop Sling. If you don't have a sling that can do the Loop Sling on your rifle, think about getting one. As always we recommend the (cotton) M1 GI Sling as it is cheap, ubiquitous, and just plain works. This blog post describes the Loop Sling technique in detail. Practice getting your sling on correctly. Stretching is something I will have to force myself to do, not as limber as I used to be! LOL!

Third item is to zero your rifle, and be very familiar with its sight adjustments. If you need tools to make adjustments, bring them with you.

As always, have fun. Bring a friend.

For your grandson, if he's not old enough for all the positions, we'll have him shoot from a rest and concentrate on Six Steps, NPOA, etc. Still plenty to learn. We often have younger folks on the line, it's no trouble at all.
Thanks for all the great info.

I do have the USGI sling already and installed the tech sights on my 10/22 a few months back. I zeroed using a laser bore sight that I know works as I confirmed it in a rifle that I know to be accurate. I am familiar with the adjustments for elev. & windage as well. I do need to learn and practice the sling as I have never used one for nothing but an over the shoulder carry mechanism.

I look forward to bringing my lil buddy and am happy he will learn the proper way to shoot. I was told by you or rc that there are usually spare rifles there to use, as I only have one 10/22. So I will keep in touch as the next even approaches in October!

Thanks again!
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