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Originally Posted by LBDamned View Post
I will admit that I have refrained from shooting recently (last time I even shot was in IA during the holidays, hunting and blowing shyt up...

Typically I shoot 2-4 times per month (several hundred rounds of various caliber each outing)... and I always let others (who are with me) shoot as much of my ammo they want... but even though I have plenty (pic is not all)... I can't bring myself to shoot it right now... everything I have is pre-panic purchase and since I refuse to pay absurd prices to replace, I have gone into hiatus.

It's psychological for sure (I couldn't shoot everything I have if I tried)... maybe by definition I'm a hoarder, but I'm reluctant to let my stash dip too low...
There's nothing wrong with what you outline. It sounds as if you actually shoot. Some here posting photos of their beloved stockpiles seem to derive pleasure and a sense of security from ammo in a way other than shooting it.
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