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Originally Posted by ramzar View Post
A lot of methods seem awkward at the beginning until you get the reps in. Using the trigger finger to release the magazine on the same side is used by some (Dave Harrington on his G17 & G19) as well as like me on H&K USP.

I don't like to break my grip either and that's why I have an extended mag release.
I agree with Ram. It was awkward to release the mags on my HKs initially but it has become second nature. Although I use my middle finger to release the mag on my HKs as it's easier for me to do than use my trigger finger.

I have small hands so I've installed an extended mag release on my Glock which works just fine allowing me to eject the mag without changing my grip.

Among my handguns, I much prefer the HK style ambi mag release.
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