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I was referring to the topic in question (and installing various add ons such as BAD Levers or right handed mag releases on a right handed persons handgun which get you accustomed to running your gun completely differently than standard weapons in its class). IF my thumb does not reach the mag release, I can use the rotation method on pretty much most handguns. As far as manipulations or methods of sending the slide home (and most aspects of shooting) you are absolutely correct...I was directing my response to the issue at hand.

Originally Posted by ramzar View Post
In practice, no system always works just like there's no one size fits all and no one way. For pistol manipulation you operate them differently based on say striker-fired, decocker or single-action safety. Kind of like how different shooters send the slide home based on their pistol type/size and practice: overhand rack, pinch rack, left thumb (right-handed shooter) and right thumb (right-handed shooter).
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