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I legally own no pistol. I own a couple rifles, and a shotgun, but my fiance owns the single pistol in my house, a Ruger P95. I know we can modify, and we will still get a little carry gun for her... But I can't swing the money for two classes, two fee's, my HSC, and two pistols (regardless of if they're cheap), and one of the pistols being needed within a few weeks. If I buy one for me, I still have to buy one for her, because a P95 just isn't a feasible carry gun for her, and I need one in my name. We have 2 kids together, and have been together 13 years, but are not legally married, so I can't list a gun I technically don't own. Everything is really expensive, including ammo, and money is tight, better spent on other things than waiting on a really expensive market. Mainly because of other time sensitive things going on. So...

It's just not in the cards.

That is ok though, I was kind of "along for the ride". Our main intent all along was to get HER a CCW because of a few incidents she has had going to and from work. At 6'3" and 280 lbs... I don't have many problems.

Edit: And please don't suggest me buying a non American firearm ever again. I thought we are all free to practice our own religions here?

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