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Originally Posted by Lazyme View Post
I have an RPK to build but no 1.5 mm jig to bend the receiver. Easy enuf to dig up tho. I am really excited about this build also. I don't know if Nodak has a receiver that will work though...

A can also help populate the barrel but pre populated shaves a few hours of time off. You will have to headspace with gauges either way though.
You have more build kits than I have ideas for just my one build. stock pile much?

I should keep it as simple as possible so a RPK may be better for a later build.

either way I know I have to check headspace. Im not going to risk my life hoping someone did it correctly in the assembly. If I dont check it the best case scenario is they did it right and its good to go, worst case is they are off and I end up dead after my newly built ak explodes on me. yeah its best to take the time and check the headspace in any case, call it insurance i guess.

Im going to see about ordering a receiver. If it seems to be to much trouble i guess I can order a flat. Im really only in the planning and sourcing part of the build but am so excited I couldn't sleep last night. This reminds me of when it took me two weeks to clean and rework an Albanian SKS I once had. So much fun to have a project.

Again thanks for you help and input. It is greatly appreciated.
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