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Originally Posted by Lazyme View Post
1. A bent flat costs less than $40 with no FFL, you have to take your time and make things look pretty as you go, a few more steps involved including heat treating and pressing the center support rivet and rails.
A Nodak Spud receiver can be $70-110 plus shipping and DROS paperwork. Plus a 10 day wait. It is fully heat treated and the canter support is already done and the rails are already in.

2. Heat treating the fire control group and the ejector is all you need if you bend your own flat. Easy to do. Again, Nodak is already done.

3. Taking the time to tap the holes is stupid if you have access to a press and jigs. Do rivets, like these AKs were meant to be done.

4. Easy to add a scope rail as part of the build, not as easy if you do it as an afterthought. The scope rail mounts on the right side and uses one of the rear trunion rivets to hold it in place, plus a few more.

I have a few bent flats and a few Nodaks. My first build was Nodak and the Tula AKS74U I have waiting to be built is one also. The rest have been flats and one re-weld. Nodak is much easier and looks a little cleaner in the long run. It will take you about 2-3 hours (if you are a quick learner) to get your receiver to where the Nodak is. Then there is the rest of the build...
Nodak is taking pre-orders on their NDS-1 EZ receiver for late Nov-early Dec so I may get in on that if I can find a local FFL to do the DROS for me. I kind of want the end result to be nice so im leaning toward just getting the Nodak receiver so I dont have to fuss with putting the rails in and drilling all the holes. I still will have to source the scope rail and put that on but its looks simple enough to do. I dont have access to a large press to install a barrel so Im looking at a kit that has the barrel installed into the trunion and properly headspaced with the correct bullet guide.

still researching on more options. Is a semi-auto RPK an option? I really like the idea of having a integrated bipod just looks kick ***.
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