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Originally Posted by socalcustom View Post
Hey Guys,

Wondering if any of you guys are working off of a Savage 110 platform for some advice on entering the precision rifle world. I am using my a 110 chambered in 30-06 that I inherited. She's about 15 years old, all stock w/ wood stock and a sporter lightweight barrel. I've started to load my own ammo with a friend that has years of experience and playing around with different powder loads to find the sweet spot for this rifle. But, I plan to make some modification and was hoping to find someone that has already blazed this trail for advice. The first two things that I would like to do is get a heavy 24-26" target barrel w/ a muzzle brake and a better trigger. I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks - scc
You can make the rifle anything you want, but have you considered selling it and going with something newer? Reason being is the newer Savage rifles have a lot of improvements in the accuracy department right from the factory. My Savage 10 FCP-K has the 24" barrel, a muzzle brake, 1.5lbs trigger, detachable magazine, and a decent stock. My first time out and I was shooting under 1MOA without having the gun setup for me.

I plan on switching out the stock for a Choate to fix my comb width and height, and I'll probably go with CDI's bottom metal too eventually. But for a stock rifle it's one of the most accurate I've seen, especially for the money.

Alternatively, if you want to go with a custom gun, the Rem 700 is a great platform due to it's aftermarket support.
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