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Originally Posted by the86d View Post
The first and only time I went up there so far I saw all the casings that nobody picks up.

I grabbed more brass than my party and I spent and some of what I could reload that we didn't, however I didn't think I would be burdened by the prior shooters of shotguns, .40 cal, and more.

Next time I will be bringing something like 2 buckets to collect all the crap that scumbags leave, the problem is I don't really want to spend more time cleaning up someone else's rimfire brass for longer than I spent shooting.

Just started going here, and I have always tried to leave places cleaner than I initially found them, yet I was not prepared for other people's laziness. I will be next time.
You should check out this thread that Eat Dirt started and keeps up on in the range clean up section, it only takes a couple hours for 4 or 5 guys to clean a whole canyon and we have fun for a couple hours after. Its a fun way to make new friends and do some good..... And thank you for packing out more than you came with!
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