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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Few questions...

1. When is the payment due date for group 1?
All Payments are due March 1st.
2. Does the slide have the dovetails already cut for sights?
3. Does the parts kit include sights? What type? Will you have a press to get the sights installed on the slide?
Sights are included, they are just basic standard sights. Yes, I'll buy a sight pusher tool for everyone to use at the party.
4. I'd be very interested in some sort of 'finishing' party -- a blueing party, anodizing, sandblasting or something like that? Not sure of options...
I think that may be best left to each individual as people are likely to want different finishes.
5. Given that the barrel, etc. are all RIA; does RIA offer any sort of warranty on the parts if they fail within some period of time? Or if the barrel isn't finished well? Obviously, I totally understand that if the frame has issues, that's my problem, but the other parts are pre-made factory parts...
I'm not aware of any warranty being offered however if you had a problem I would think they would want to take care of you.
Hopefully this answers your questions.
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