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Originally Posted by Mark13 View Post
I'll take 2 parts kits and two spots for the build party.
So you already have your frames then?

Originally Posted by BMartin1776 View Post
so we will be able to put whatever sight we want on right.. Im asking b/c Ive seen some inexpensive RIA 1911s with sight on them that looked cheap etc... quality wise where do these stand? This would be my first time doing this so Im clueless, would we be able in the future to change parts out like for triggers and different hammers etc?
You'll be able to swap parts around later if you wish. The sight that comes with these is a pretty basic one, I'll be upgrading mine at some point but for now the RIA ones will work.

I'll work on the poll later tonight, I'm thinking 1. rail and magwell interest 2. jig interest and then probably a few more as we go. The magwel machining would open it up to be like a funnel so when you go to change your mags it's faster and easier.
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