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Any brand standard 1911 parts should fit however, at the BP we will not be altering the programs/setups to accomodate for different tolerances using different parts kits so you may have a little more work to make a different kit fit. We intend to cut the rails tight on the frames so they are a hand fitted/finished to the slide using hand files if/when needed and lapping compound, this will give everyone the best fit and allow a build party to happen. Trying to cut everyones rails at the party to fit exactly perfect doesn't really work due to small variances in the slides unless we were to make them fit loose and nobody wants that.[/QUOTE]

so we will be able to put whatever sight we want on right.. Im asking b/c Ive seen some inexpensive RIA 1911s with sight on them that looked cheap etc... quality wise where do these stand? This would be my first time doing this so Im clueless, would we be able in the future to change parts out like for triggers and different hammers etc?
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