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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
CADOJ insists that the bullet-buttons remain on if you registered the gun with a BB. I don't understand why.

But as noted, a BB no longer qualifies to make a rifle 'fixed mag', so can't create an 'assault weapon' by using a 11+ mag in such a registered gun.

What kind of rotating mag exists for a centerfire semi-auto? I don't think of a drum as a 'rotating mag'. IIRC, rotating cylinders are mentioned in the context of shotguns.
I'll spice this up.
Can you use a 20rd ProMag rotating drum magazine in a semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun that you registered in 2018? That semi-auto magazine fed shotgun has a magazine locking device (BB) and has previously been limited to maximum 10 round/shell magazine.
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