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Is everything already in order here in US that we push our noses to other countries? The Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Livia, Egypt, etc did not teach you anything? Do we have here everything as it is supposed to be? No one violates your rights? Don't we have people killed for their beliefs, sexual orientation? Don't we have people killed by insurance companies who declined covering treatment (In no country in the world such situation can happen, only in US and for sure not in Russia)? Don't we have people who cannot afford medication because drug companies charge at leas 20 times more than same medicine costs abroad.Don't we have people killed for the color of their skin ( the game changed though, now whites getting killed, remember the knock down game) and police does not do anything significant. People are getting prosecuted for reveling that government steps on your rights (remember Edward Snowden?) When here everything is 100% OK, than lets start judging others. But while you have mess at your own house, do not judge and do not teach others how to cleanup. The gay right in Russia as what worries you??? Think about your rights first!
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