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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
I hope your outreach is in Spanish and other (esp Asian) languages as well....

Have you guys asked in General Firearms and OT for members to use their own social media accounts to spread the word about Lindsey and CCWs? To tell their own ethnic/national (Korean, Viet, Chinese, So/Central American, etc) /sexual/racial communities about CCWs and to vote for Lindsay?

If you need it (website production, fliers, etc), have you asked for IT help in our IT forum?
Yet another suggestion: Lindsey's website is all in English. Would it help if it is mirrored(?) in Spanish and various Asian languages? If so, one of the leaders of the CGSSA support group for Lindsey might want to make threads (in OT? General Firearms?) asking for speakers/writers in those languages who want to have a MAJOR pro-2nd A impact in this state to volunteer to help Lindsey's campaign with that (assuming their campaign would want that).

FWIW, although I only skimmed, I did not notice anything re. CCWs on his campaign website.
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