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Originally Posted by jacknicholson View Post
There are some big dollar fundraisers for the incumbent going on. Just google 'sheriff mcdonnell fundraiser'. Some at $250 to $1,500 per seat.

Not to say a well-funded campaign is going to win the election but it sure helps.
Then again, look at the recent special elections and what happened with Justin Clark, a 19-year-old republican who made a head-to-head runoff with the highly funded Jesse Gabrial.
That is one of the advantages of being an incumbent: everyone donates to you because they know you'll probably win and they want to be on the winning side....

The ONLY thing that will beat it is an extremely well organized grassroots campaign.

Does Lindsey have that? Is CGN helping with that? We've got ~25,000 "active" CGN members. If 1/3rd are in LA county (just as 1/3rd of CAians are LA county residents), that should be >8,000 people helping CGN help Lindsey.

I haven't noticed any threads asking Asian CGNers for help with translating and producing fliers. In LA Co, there are Koreatowns, Japantowns, Chinatowns and Little Saigons. (this list is not exhaustive, and some are only for City of LA, not counting communities in LA Co outside of City of LA),_Los_Angeles

If no one has yet, someone should contact Huy Fong Foods since, IIRC, he LOVES America and may support your efforts.

Fliers directed to the HUGE Hispanic community is also critical, as are fliers that appeal to the black/AA community.

Even the LBGT/etc community should be targeted. Don't forget the conservative Jewish communities.

If LA Co CGNers want CCWs, they'll have to beat the bushes for every vote they can get. Like I said before, this is a MASSIVE undertaking, strategically and logistically.

I've posted many suggestions, but I'm just 1 guy in NorCal. SoCal folk and esp LA Co folk, need to step up if they haven't. The time & effort I spend on this is of NO DIRECT BENEFIT to me.
Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

230+ examples of CCWs Saving Lives.

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