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Wow. It sounds like you guys are just winging it.... That won't succeed.

You do realize that LA Co has a pop of 10M: that's greater than 43 states.

You need to form a county organization, like folks did in San Diego county with San Diego County Gun Owners PAC.
Facebook page to contact them:

They've gotten Sheriff Gore to issue more CCWs to the point where SD Co is now yellow (vs light red), on the CA CCW GC map. (see bottom of this post)

You should contact them re. starting a LA Co "branch" of their organization. (OC has started a branch.) You NEED their advice!

You need to identify & locate EVERY gun shop in LA Co and just over the border (since those ones might be closer to LA Co residents just inside the border. You have to have each shop covered by 2 separate people to ensure it always has fliers. The fliers must have your organizations' name and contact info and a request for volunteers to help in "Self Defense = Good Cause" for LA Co residents.

"Target rich" environments for volunteers, voters and leaders of your organization include every IDPA ( and IPSC/USPDA ( club inside LA Co and over the borders.

Have your fliers say something about sharing this info w/friends, family members, coworkers, church friends and everyone else who might need or want to be able to defend themselves. That way LEOs who see it will think of their spouses, parents, children, etc whereas they might otherwise think "I'm good. This is not for me."

I'd also search for local PPC clubs too, as well as other shooting (trap, skeet, sporting clay, silhouette, high power, Cowboy, etc), and hunting clubs.

Wish you the best, but if you folks don't take this as seriously as a campaign for statewide office in 1 of those 43 states, you'll never beat the incumbent and just be wasting your time, money and effort.... (Or, looking on the bright side, be practicing for the 2022 sheriff's election.)

ETA: Looks like NOBODY even bothered posting about this effort in the LA County CCW Info thread! Wow... Just "wow" and not in a good way. I won't even bother to see if anyone is promoting it in the CCW Discussion forum....

Good luck! You'll need it.

Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

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