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Originally Posted by pennys dad View Post
CALGUNS: Let's Get Bob Lindsey voted in for LA Co Sheriff

This is what CALGUNS needs:

1. Facebook information drives
2. Twitter information drives
3. Flyer distribution to Gun shops in LA County
4. Flyer distribution to Gun Ranges
5. Flyer distribution to gun shows

Email me Jacob@CGSSA.Org and tell me how you can help.

Everyone Bob Lindsey is a Pro Gun, Pro CCW Candidate for LA County Sheriff, who says he is "Shall Issue"!
Quote from Bob:
California law is clear. You must be able to legally possess a firearm, attend a
mandatory certified training course, pass a criminal background check and be
of good moral character. The final requirement is to show good cause for the
issuance of a concealed weapons permit. In this day in age of rising crime and terrorism, I believe good cause is simply “self-defense”. I will issue concealed carry permits to those who meet the requirements under California law

I'd be more then happy to plaster them all over in the Valley (North Hoollywood and surounding).
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