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RRGC has the class once a month. Linden i think is twice a month.

USPSA is twice a month at Richmond. 2nd week is Targetmasters at Yolo but number of shooters is capped there.

Linden is twice a month. Livermore has no action pistol stuff. NCPS in Sac is 4th sunday. Almaden has small matches down there in the southbay. El Dorado now has matches along with Lincoln. Oakdale has recently come back to USPSA too. No, they're not all "bay area" as there just arent many ranges left in the urban areas with enough room to do anything other than have a public line. OTOH, there are a ton of matches held within 90 minutes of the east bay, just need to drive a bit to get to them.

The above is not including IDPA, SASS (cowboy shooting) icore (revo), outlaw matches, steel challenge, rimfire, multi gun and on.

To summarize, there are a poop ton of matches to shoot if you really want to do it.

Various 1911s.
Some revolvers.
Some rifles.
Back to owning some of those "polymer" guns.

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