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Default Sacramento and New DOJ Form

Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
Would you please find a copy of the "new" DOJ form and post a link or an image? AFAIK, DOJ has not modified the standard LTC app, so "new" seems an odd descriptor.

Oddly, where PC specifies an application, it does not actually say renewals must use the standard form
Here's the verbiage on SSD's website:

New application/renewal form:

The wording in question:

Now, if some of these guys wanna worry about this instead of listening to the numerous members here who've been renewed just fine, that's up to them. They can always email Amber and ask, but they're already pretty busy down there.

Funny thing about all if it is that I recall that notice being on the website AND the DOJ form including that wording before I renewed in June, but now the advisory is dated 7/11/13. Bizarre.
At any rate, the same good cause as ever has been working for people. I believe the original thread may have been in the Sacramento County forum.
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