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Originally Posted by 64physhy View Post
I have a question that's a little off topic, but still relates. If you're going to/from the range, etc with your guns in a pick-up, is it ok to have them in the cab as long as they are in a locked case? If you have a soft case instead of a hard case (for rifles), is it legal to have a cable lock through the mag well (bolt action)? What about if you have a lever action rifle in a soft case, you can't really put a cable lock through a lever action?
To transport in California:

Handguns must be in locked case. All guns must not be loaded

Ammo can be in the case and even in the magazine but if the mag is loaded it can't be in the gun.

locked in a soft case is OK so long as the bag can not be manipulated in a way that it gives you access to firing the gun without first unlocking or damaging the container.

Many people choose to transport ammo separately to avoid possible problems because not all LEO know/understand the law and rulings surrounding the law.
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Dude give it up. The election is was months ago. Hillary is toast. Her political career is over.

Or do you just hate her so much you can't let go?
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