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Originally Posted by gobler View Post
^^^This^^^ It is not illegal to lie to a non-federal LEO during a traffic stop. Only if it elevates to an actual investigation, not a fishing expedition. It could cheese of the officer if they find out during a search but that's why you say out loud "I do not give consent to search me or my property".
First off, it may or may not be illegal to lie, but it absolutely can, and probably will, be used against you in court. For example, they ask if you have guns. You lie and say no. They develop PC for whatever reason, they search, they find a featureless AK with a detached grip in another bag. They arrest you for attempted possession of an AW. At trial they need to prove intent, or a guilty state of mind. Well gee, I wonder how they might do that. Officer testifies, I know he was trying to do something illegal, because he lied to me about having a gun. Think an LA county jury might find that persuasive?
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